Many thanks for your interest in the Leadership Directory run by The Leadership Academy on behalf of The Wheel.

The directory is a one-stop-shop for Leaders at various stages in their nonprofit careers to access relevant details of Coaches, Trainers and relevant Consultants.

To be eligible for listing you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Provide a relevant service to leaders in the sector
  • Be available to people in the community, voluntary and social enterprise sector
  • Be available in Ireland
  • We reserve the right to add more criteria as the directory develops

Please note, we reserve the right to not include listings to the directory.

How it works

You complete the relevant details

It will be checked for relevance

Once it has been deemed relevant and your fee has been paid, if applicable, the listing will be made

Listings will be posted exactly as submitted, we will not edit for spelling or grammar etc.

All listings have an auto delete function of one year. If you wish to be relisted, please make a note to re-list at the appropriate time.

Please see below for guidance on how to complete the form

This is what your finished listing will look like

The photo you provide will be rounded, please ensure your picture is centred to fit within the circle.

Under ‘Service Name’ we used ‘Leadership Academy Manager’ which shows up top of the listing and corresponds with Q3 in the form

Under Q4 you can tick the services you provide and add new ones if necessary, these show up under the role/business description in the listing and are also filterable in the left column. Please note we will only add common/generic filters.

Q5 is where you fill in the details of your offering and invite people to connect

The three buttons at the bottom will click through directly to the urls you have provided in Q7, 8 and 9. Please make sure you COPY the links in, if you add www the page will not direct automatically.

Double check you have sent the email with your headshot, we do not upload details without the picture.

Go raibh maith agat | Thank you!